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English Books on Personal Development
by Davi Arbelo

Here you can find books on personal development
by the writer Davi Arbelo.
AFRO - ENTREPRENEURS: The Mighty economic Moviment
Afro-entrepreneurs is the first book in the series focusing on black entrepreneurship. In this first book, the writer takes a look at Afro-entrepreneurship, showing that it goes far beyond entrepreneurship.
“Many people don't understand that there is a difference between these two terms. Like most, I didn't understand it either, until I was invited to be part of a network of black entrepreneurs”...

YOU' RE - Build a powerful Self image

Build a powerful self-image, increase your self-image, improve your self-esteem, your self-esteem and they will bear witness to what you are aware of being.
This is not a topic we usually study, we allow this knowledge to develop naturally through osmosis.
Little do we know that we lose a lot when we use this form of learning...

THE MASTERMIND STRATEGY: Being part of the right network can accelerate your results

The Mastermind Strategy is a manual on how to create a group of Minds, better known as the Mastermind.
He talks about the importance of a Master Mind group, how to create, manage, price, and some techniques employed.
In addition to bringing the main benefits, and the best known examples of groups of Minds in history and in Brazil...

The love is like onion: Love is also personal development too

Teach love because that is what you are. The consciousness of love is the cure for the ills of the world.
From it, the leap of faith transcends science and everything linear and logical.
Love is not an emotion, nor is it a reason, it is a state of Being that is beyond the palpable and descriptive...

99 SHEEP: A dialogue About Self-knowledge

Coming Soon

The journey of the soul in the word: A dialogue on spirituality

Coming Soon

FEITH THE MUSTARD SEED AT THE END OF THE RAINBOW - Faith, imagination and the power of the word

Coming Soon

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